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In the top picture are you asking about the grass or broad leaf plant? I can't id either of the two grasses or the broadleaf..

Top one is Juncus effuses (Soft Rush) or a close relative thereof.

Bottom one is probably Gray's Sedge, but there are so many of those that are identical, it would take a botanist with a microscope to figure out.
^^^ And I thot you were a botanist???:) Thanks I agree with second plant, but was probably wrong on first. I see first a lot in swamp areas around me.
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I agree with Native in that the first plant looks like some sort of rush. It should it will be hollow if you cut the stems with a knife or the like. I see it in wet areas here. Along ponds, creeks and even just natural weeps and springs as well. The second I also agree looks like a sedge of some sort. They will stay fairly green (may turn yellow) here all winter and I find them in all sorts of areas. We called them "woods sedge" here because we tend to find them more so in the woods. I doubt that is there true name, but I am pretty sure its a relative of what I see here. Grows as a bunch like you show and the leaves will have a waxy type of feel......similar to yellow nutsedge in feel.
Thanks guys. Rush is good for bird nesting and food. And I've always let it go in my creekbottom, but clover plot, not gonna happen.