Concordia Oaks


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Anyone have any of the Concordia Oaks that were purchased several years ago from MDC? We have several that are 8-9' tall now but did not produce this year. Curious if anyone has any that are producing.


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I have some a friend sent me about six years ago or so. They are growing really well--about 16 feet tall now--but no acorns yet. Kinda surprised actually since the chinkapin oaks I started from acorns that same year have acorns this year.
Okay so at least I'm not the only one! LOL. I was expecting a few acorns this year but nada. None of our chinkapins planted the same year are producing either. We are getting the water wagon ready so we're trying to figure out where to concentrate our efforts. Some of the older trees will be able to withstand the drought that's coming a whole lot better than some of the others. We have Comcordias that have never received any supplemental watering and they are still alive. They're probably not as big as thy should be for how old they are but they are alive.

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On a side note last summer I stopped at the Concordia rest area and looked at the original trees. They sure are a pretty tree.
I really wish that MDC still sold these bareroot. Nuts are sure in high demand. Looks like I will have to make a drive sometime to the rest stop.

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I grew a couple this winter, still really small. Seem to be slow growers for me so far but very excited to keep working with them.
First acorns spotted from my four year old trees! Not many on it but excited none the less...

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Matt looks good. I tried planting some this spring no luck. I got them from John in Concordia Mo. they were in bad shape. Maybe I can find some more this fall. Good luck with your trees
Have any of you guys personally harvested nuts from the rest stop? I have been researching these trees for awhile now. I read an article last night that says that all of the original 13 trees were cut down and the guy claims everything there is a hybridized version of the Concordia oak. I know that they did cut a bunch of the originals but I always thought that a few of the originals were still there. Guy claimed they were all cut in the mid 90s. I wonder if letemgro could shed more light on this.

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My understanding is there are a few of the originals still there. They are themselves a hybrid so not sure how your would hybridize a hybrid.
Found a few more on another Concordia in my front yard. Thinking about trying to protect them somehow to keep the tree rats from getting them before I do.

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What time of fall do Concordia's usually drop their nuts? I hope to be growing several with a handful of other oaks next spring and I've never heard if Concordia's are an early dropper or late dropper..

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Well my excitement was short lived. Checked on the acorns this afternoon and they were all brown and fell off when I touched them. Guess they went unpollinated.

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Hey everyone, I just wanted to let all of you know that MDC will have these available for order starting on 9/1 on a first come first serve basis. I spoke with the nursery yesterday.

Here's the link to order:

Also, I noticed that at least one member up north has had success with these

Has anyone else planted these with success in Iowa / Southern MN / Wisconsin? I am planting these about 45 minutes NW of Milwaukee, near the zone 5 / zone 4 border.
Must be starting earlier this year, usually MDC orders don't open up until November if I remember correctly. I have to check my Concordia's this weekend, they are two year old MDC trees.