Common Evening Primrose


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I think this is some form of milkweed that the deer are HAMMERING along the edge of my garden spot. Any ideas?

Sort of hard to tell since they ate all the leaves off. Does the plant secrete the "milk" like a milkweed plant does? You may have to cage one and let it recover and then re-post.... What ever it is.....they seem to like it!
I didn't think deer would eat any form of milkweed. The old pasture beside the house I grew up in had a huge area of milkweed and I have never even seen a deer in it. They would be in the pasture at might, but never in the milkweed. But we did have a lot of Monarch butterfly's that lived there all summer every year. That is what makes the butterfly's poisonous. Their diet is mostly milkweed during their caterpillar phase.
Yeah I don’t believe it’s milkweed. I have a good stand here at my house and a ton of deer and they eat a lot of stuff you would never see them eat in areas of balance population. But even in this degraded habitat they don’t eat the milkweed.
Not milkweed. Can you get a better pic of the leaves? Only thing I can think of is a denuded elder. Can’t really make out lower leaves though.

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Man, I don't know. Gonna have to let it grow more. Whatever it is, I'm gonna put some of it's seeds in my clover plots!
Definitely Common Evening Primrose. From what I’ve read it is a highly nutritious plant for both man and deer. All parts of the plant edible. Deer are HAMMERING it. Have the area cordoned off. Lots of Florida pussley and partridge pea in the same area. This winter, while everything is dead, I will scrape off the top half inch of soil and carry it in buckets to the farm and spread it out in some open areas to let the seeds do their thing next spring. What you want to bet I won’t be able to get them to grow even though they are VERY aggressive weeds in the garden?

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