Cold Location Apple Planting


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Any suggestions as to fruit tree to plant in a low sitting food plot edge? One of best used buck plots but sits in a draw and even tho gets decent southern exposure for 6 or so hours a day, cannot get an apple tree to do well. They bloom and produce but poor limited growth. I know down low and up a draw is poor choice, just wandering if you guys may have an option for fruit. Couple old cherry trees produce great but deer type fruit tree is what I need if there is a choice. Or should I just give up on tweaking the plot?
Not sure if you have tried Dolgo crabs. Out of the dozens of varieties I have planted in the last 5 years they appear to be the only fool proof one. I have some blossoms after three years and 100% survival rate.
Check with me in a year or two, because I have several young apples and pears planted in a place just like you have described. To be honest I was disappointed not to see fruit on some of them this year, but didn't. Some of the ones on the high ground close to the same age did fruit. With as many different ones as I'm trying, something is surely going to pan out.

My fingers are crossed for the Northern Whitetail Crabs I planted down there, but they were only put in the ground this year. However, so far they are growing better than any trees I have ever planted anywhere.
You should do some research and try and find the latest apples to bloom. I have a couple that I grow but cant vouch for disease resistance in your location.
I'm getting some growth and they bloom and fruit, but man are they going slow. And some idiot cut a tree that landed and destroyed one!! Hey I just didn't think that tree was that tall, not my fault it grew as it fell.:rolleyes: I do have pears on the ridge, may have to try those or the Dolgo.
My other pick I have high hopes for is golden hornet. It's blossoms are still not open. Zone hardiness is a question but they made it through their first winter and have a couple blossoms in year two. My limited experience is crabs grow way faster than regular apples.