Coated or controlled release urea


Has anyone found a good source or brand for bagged urea (like 50lb of 46-0-0) that is coated or treated with a urease inhibitor so it is not lost to the atmosphere when sits on top of ground?

Has anyone bought a urease inhibitor and applied it themselves to untreated urea before broadcasting it? I wonder if you could buy a jug of it and apply to urea in your cone spreader before broadcasting.

Trying to figure out how we might effectively apply nitrogen fertilizer if we buy a no till drill. The local co-op offers bulk 46-0-0 coated with Limus, but applying with a buggy doesn’t work well on our narrow strip plots and we would throw a lot into the timber.

We are weekend food plotters and can’t reliably broadcast nitrogen immediately before a sure rain.


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Try using AMS, it's a form of nitrogen for application to corn at fifty days and you don't lose much if it doesn't rain right away. Plus it gives you sulfur, which is needed in most soils, and I'm told by my Missouri cattle rancher friends applying sulfur to pasture keeps ticks off of the cows. AMS should be about $13 for 50lb bag, and you will need to apply it a little heavier per acre than urea.
Thanks! Will look into AMS.

I found jugs of Agrotain are readily available online, but the label indicates I would need some sort of mixer to apply it properly to urea.

The co-op will deliver the buggy of Limus treated urea to our property, which is awfully convenient. I am considering buying from them, and dispensing the fertilizer into containers that I could dump into my cone spreader. Essentially use the fertilizer buggy as a fertilizer tender.

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