Cleth for Bermuda? Old field mgmt


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I burned off about 15 acres in April. It is coming back heavy in Bermuda. I hate to kill off everything with gly. Could I hit it with a grass specific herbicide to knock out the Bermuda and see what else comes up? Unfortunately there is a fair amount of greenbrier as well. At least it’s green and lush for now.

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I’ve have also seen where spraying 32 oz of Chopper/acre in May/June can be helpful fighting Bermuda.
The active ingredient is Isopropylamine salt of Imazapyr.
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Many of my new plots have a lot of Bermuda growth. I sprayed most of them twice, but I’m afraid it was a bit early or just all the rain since I planted.
I planted a cover crop mix using buckwheat, sunflowers, cowpeas, sorghum and a few other things. There is some decent growth in all but one plot.

There were first time plots on my new place using throw and mow. My question is when should I start thinking about terminating the fields for fall plots. I’m definitely going to need to spray more than once. If I plant in early September, should I start spraying in late July or earlier?
For the plot that has little growth, I was thinking about going ahead and spraying and see if I could give the buckwheat another shot.

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