Chicken Litter as fertilizer?


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Absolutely! Good stuff. Lots of organic matter, nitrogen and potassium. Variable amounts of phosphorous. Here in Virginia, the rate is kinda regulated i that one needs a nutrient management plan for the purpose of determining how much is just enough and/or not to exceed a certain rate, all for runoff control. The analysis is low per pound but a lot of pounds are applied. Some you buy will come with a guarantee. Lacking one N = 3%, P = 1.5%, K = 3%. pH >7 (3 - 1.5 - 3)

I always like to supply an authoritative source when I can.


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I used a lot last year. 6 or 7 loads at ~ 18-20 tons each best I remember details. I continue to see terrific benefits from it. The differences between the fields with litter vs without is notable. I will be putting more out every fall. We were putting anywhere from 1-3 tons per acre. Next round I will use at least 3 tons per acre.

Biggest challenge is spreading it. We 'poached ' a lime cart which works but is not best. The coop does not particularly like us spreading litter with their cart. I would buy a spreader if I cold find one at the right price.


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You don't say if you are applying composted (aged) or fresh litter or how far in advance you are incorporating into the soil before planting but do be aware green litter can be hot nitrogen wise and not friendly to young plants ...I DO NOT have actual experience in use because I could not find enough of it to be worth while but I did discover from my investigation is best to apply aged litter if just in time before planting or incorporate after harvest for the upcoming growth season

Good Luck