Chestnuts with apologies to Willie


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"Chestnuts ain't easy to love and they're harder to hold...."

In the dog days of east texas summer and my rookie season of growing chestnuts from seed.

116 seedlings in RBIIs,Promix BX/pine mulch mix,in back yard. I water them with skeeter flavored rainwater and cover them with shade cloth. Osmocote in mix

They range from 24-36 in in height. The mature leaves look well,but new growth appears shrunken,curled leaves,and feel crispy.

I will try to post pics if i can figure out "how"

I water by Jack Yoder "weight method"

Am i watering too much? too little? Too much sun? Too Little?


(opening lyrics fr "Mammas don't let your babies grow up to grow chestnuts" by TreeDaddy 2016)

RBII and late July Texas Temps - heck it would be near impossible to water too much IMHO. Now I am in a different growing climate that you - too late for me to fertilize because new growth here will get bit hard when fall brings cold harsh air temps.
I think you might be able to get by with a little feeding - not much.

When I go up to the RBII containers I hit that growing media good with Osmocote Plus. I mix it in the growing media - not just spread it on top.

Posting a photo is easy. 1) You need the photo (JPG file type if my choice) saved at a location on your computer 2) when you are in the thread there is a square button at the bottom "Upload a File" 3) Select Upload a File 4) Navigate to the file you saved 5) select the file & load it 6) file appears as small icon at bottom of post usually on outside of conversation area 7) make sure you cursor is located at end of conversation where you want photo - then go to the image and select the option that inserts the photo up in the post

It took me about two tries to decide I like the easy options here to get my photos on my post. I am rebuilding some picture heavy threads.

Read my post about your seedlings and see if it makes sense - ask questions if you need to.