Chestnut trees at LOWES!


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Picked up 3 chinese chestnut for 15$ a piece. Had to ask for discount, but manager knocked half off to get ride of them. Picked up some more pears and apples as well half off.
I'm waiting for my local big box store to put some on sale as well.......once they get a bit more motivated price wise, I'll be a bit more motivated purchasing wise!!!! I'm NOT paying $30 a tree!!!!
They were priced at 35, no sale advertised yet, but he agreed when I said I was buying 10 total trees. Said 2 more weeks and they would mark down even more if they are still available.
There were 15 or so apples, 5 pears and 2 chestnuts left from spring shipment. The fall shipment of trees wont be on sale until end of october or it gets cold.