Chestnut Hills Outdoors and Rural King

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Got an email from Rural King today. They are going to have chestnut trees from Chestnut Hills but you have to have a store near you to order from. The emailed stated 3 gallon tree for $29.98. Order has to be paid for by August 5.

I don't have a store near me but hope this helps someone else.
If you wait they will sell them for like $10 da because they want to move them and don't want to care for them. I got a couple last year that way. Just have to be willing to water them to get them thru the summer and they will be fine.
I was able to get 25 chestnuts from Walmart at $8.50 a tree. In the spring they was $30. Luckily for me not a lot of people around my house plants for wildlife and I was able to catch them when they marked them down. I bought every tree they had left lol


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Chestnut Hill Outdoor is abt 45mins from me. I have been meaning to go and check out the operation and get some trees.