Cedar Apple Rust


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Anything I can do to prevent Cedar Apple Rust? This is a old crabapple that was here on my property way before we owned it. I’m guessing it’s probably 60 years old or so. This is the first year I’ve noticed CAR on it. Is there anything that can be done? I don’t have a issue with cutting it down if I have to. I mainly have been keeping it around as a way to attract bees to help with pollination for my other trees and garden.



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At this point in the year and from the picture you cant do anything for prevention this year. However in the future you can spray a couple of times when the cedars are just about to release the spores. The good news with CAR is that it does not spread from one apple to another or within a tree. Only way to be infected is by spores that come from the cedar.
You can spray Iminox by specticide,or something like that.i sprayed a couple times but CAR wasnt really hurting that much
Thats a tough one. We usually spray when the apple/crabapple is blooming. (from bloom until the cedars stop producing spores which is normally @ 2 weeks after the flowers drop) Spray with Mancozeb. After that all you can do is spray the cedars that are down wind of your apples. The problem is you have to spray all the cedars within a 1/4-1/3 mile of your apples. Good luck with that. I don't know of anything that will keep your trees that have it from infecting cedars this summer (unless it's a more resistant type tree) and then the process repeats it's self again next spring.
I was just about to post my own thread and I saw this one.....am I dealing with the same thing?


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Immunox fungicide. 2tbsp/gal. Hit it a couple times around bloom and you will be okay.
Had very poor results with mancozeb this year. Maybe my concentration was off.