camp report card

Just wondering if anyone keeps hunting camp records.I just sent out last years report to our members and thought I would share observation for northeast Ohio and northwest Pa. This has been done for the last 35 years. First time for Saturday opener for Pa and we got to hunt on first Sunday.All members like it.All management permits for Pa side of property were filled in early archery season or in the old geezer season in Pa.60% of deer taken with archery equipment.Deer population remaims strong.Target bucks were hard to find due to poaching problem but a few nice ones taken second week in Pa.One buck on Ohio property in bonus days. 2 coyotes taken.Turkey population seems to be holding and no increase in numbers.Coons,hawks,owls and eagles and fishers increased. Grouse seen was 2.They are about gone and off limits to all hunting.Deer weight size is bigger due to more crops in area.Antler size about the same but have potential for more just need to pass on the younger one.This is a old school,camp with average age of 64 and every deer is a trophy and fully used.Turkey season opens on 5/1 in both states and you can hunt Ohio side on Sunday.Work days start on weekend of 3/12.
Y’all need to trap predators before grouse are all gone and turkeys start to follow suit. Get rid of them ground-nest preds.
Hang in there.Kidney stone after prostate is more then I can think about.We have contacted a couple of trappers but they also want access for deer and turkey hunting which is not going to happen. We have a couple of guys run dogs in the general area who are putting a hurt on the coyotes.Turkey season not till 5/1 but I am getting ready since I like hunting them more then anything else.I have a youth hunter this year which should be fun.
Put a light on your head and drive the side by side thru the fields; then look at the tops of the trees. If you have a lot of coon this is a good way to start eliminating them. And then as LLC said put those dog proof traps out for the remainder.