Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless


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Does anyone have this cam? I thought I found a good deal on ebay from a dealer on a used demo unit. Paid $200. Anyway, after having Covert and Spartan cams which cost twice as much I'm now seeing that you really do get what you pay for. The Bushnell app is buggy. I've yet to get it to pull in the thumbnails from pics it took via the iphone. The android version of the app seems to be a little better as it will actually display the pics but its still very limited.
IMG_0377.JPG I'm running three of them...oldest will be 3 next February. I've also got one of the newer generation...so 4 total. The good news is that they all still work, relatively well. I use primarily for security locations, although I get a lot of deer on them. The thumbnails of the 1st generation cams are marginal at best...much improved on the new one. I assume you are aware that when you request a hi-Rez download, it doesn't occur until the next check-in (which I've found is the next time you get a trigger on the camera). I'm pretty sure I miss a fair number of shots, as the trigger speed isn't the best. My property is 80 miles from home, so it's nice to at least have a few "live" cameras. It would really be nice to be able to trigger a shot on command from your phone or computer and also download hi-Rez on command. It's frustrating when you have a pic you'd like to download immediately and you have to wait for the next "check-in".

I've attached a pic from recently that shows the quality of hi-Rez pics you can expect. This is from the 1st generation.
I hear ya! I have spartans and just put out a spypoint link evo because it was only $200. Really do get what you pay for.