Browning x bolt stainless steel stalker


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My wife bought it for me in.270 very excited it feels great. Anyone have any experience with it.??? On a side note, i had to return the brand new gun to browning cause when you touched the inserted mag it sounds like a bomb went off its so loud. Supposedly its fixed and on its way back to me after 8 weeks. Ughhhh
I have never owned one. I have several buddies who have. They are all shooters. I am guessing it will be a good one.
I have no experience with the X-bolt, but quite a bit with the A-bolt.
What did they say the issue with the mag was?

I bought a Browning X- bolt 300 caliber last year. Very, very light recoil. The gun is awesome to shoot. Went overboard and put a 5-20 Trijicon scope on mine. Love the stainless steel look. You will be very happy with your new Browning !!

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