Breathing new life into old bush hog


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Bought an old Bush Hog brand cutter for $400 to manage the food plots and keep the trails mowed. She was used and abused over the years. Corners were splitting apart, several weak points in the steel, rusting quite a bit, etc. Welded her up and slapped two coats on, looking pretty fine if I do say so myself. Before and after pics. New these run about $1,300, so it was time well spent. Just need to sharpen the blades and ready to attack the weeds. Given our monsoon spring/early summer, she will get a lot of use this summer.

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If it ever quits raining for more than two days, I'll be able to get some work done with it. I do know it works, verified that before I bought it.
Looks great. I've never seen a chain used like that on a bushhog...
Its so that it can float over the ground better, has more flex.

Biggest thing to watch on any Bush hog or shredder of any kind is to check the pivot of the blades, they can wear or crack and throw a blade out the side. Its not pretty for the shredder or anything that happens to be in its path.
Just because it looks bad doesn't mean it IS bad. A little TLC goes a long way !

I have a good friend who's a welder and he "remodels" tractors for a guy that mows highlines and pipelines for a living. He always cuts the stiff arms on the shredder in two and welds a section of chain into each one so that it will "float" over rough terrain. There have been times I wish mine was like that.
Well damn, learn something every day.

BTW the 'Hog look very good. We had an 8 fter back when I was a kid. Brother is still mowing with it I do believe.
Nice, how does it sound? I gave my old one to one of my neighbors in Iowa for around nothing in return and he bitched because it was loud and he had to change the bearings.

If it ever quits raining for more than two days, I'll be able to get some work done with it. I do know it works, verified that before I bought it.
The life of a Bush Hog is in the gearbox. Once the gearbox goes it usually costs more than it's worth to fix it. I'm sure you checked the oil and replaced it.
I own the same Bush Hog, 72” model. It has seen A LOT of use, and has been a quality piece of equipment. Looks like you did a great job.
Finally got the "new" old bush hog out and cut two acres of 3 feet weeds and some saplings up to 1.5 inches in diameter. Worked like a champ, turned the saplings into splinters! Really impressed the clean cuts in made on the heavy grass and weeds. It did take about 30 minutes of grinding to put a good edge on the blades, but the results were positive. Saw one fawn and one turkey. Walked the pasture to avoid any other fawns, found none.

Overall, it was a productive day as I followed up with spray and 50 lbs of soybeans. I'm late planting due to monsoon rains this year. We did just get a 1.5 inch rain tonight, so should get the beans germinated and growing.