Boycott Dick's


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Dick's Sporting goods just announced they will no longer sell "assault" weapons (whatever that is).
FYI, Dicks also operates the Field and Stream stores.
I've made my last purchase at either of those chains.
I haven't set foot in a Dick's since the week after Sandy Hook. Never been in a Field and Stream store.

This is not a new stance for them. They've shown this stance before. Hasn't been the least bit hard for me to find another place to spend my family's money.
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I stopped shopping at dicks long ago as well. They recently opened a Feild and Stream here and I have gotten stuff from there. Guess my outdoor gear will be purchased online or from PSA now.

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I have never cared for their stores as it is. I never felt they really was interested in the hunting crowd as it was. This will however ensure that I go elsewhere for other sporting related gear in the future.

Still support the 2nd....while removing "assault" style firearms from their shelves.....yea, can't have it both ways Dick's!
And they are saying that minimum age to buy a firearm there will be 21... Not sure how they think they are getting away on that one. Sounds like discrimination based on age for something that can be legally obtained...

I’ve not done business with them and definitely don’t plan to ever do so after this.

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I would ditch them in an instant and be happy about it. I don't think I've been in a Wallyworld once in 10yrs without leaving ticked off about something. But... I sure as heck aren't telling my wife to quit going. She finds it easy because she can buy everything at one place... and she does ALL of our grocery shopping. I'm not messing with that!

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Principles can only go so far!!! jk
Lol. That woman keeps; me, a 10yr old ball of energy boy, and a 170lb powerlifting/basketball playing/cross country running/polevaulting/14yr old boy in clothes and well feed. I'm sure as hell not telling her where to shop... she just might say "do it yourself". Nope, not taking the chance!

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Meh....if they do 2 for 1 Trophy Rocks like they did last month, I'll load up.

I bought 3 shotguns and a pile of ammo at Dick's in December when their Texas stores had all guns on sale plus an extra an 25% off.

Doubt I'd ever buy an AR at Dick's even if they continued to sell them.
No self respecting consumer should buy an AR already put together anyway! Too much fun to build them out of parts to get exactly what you want.

On another note my Ruger stock was off over 6% yesterday and the day before. Looks like I might of missed the bottom heading back up today. You can still buy it much cheaper than I did right before the election!

Back up 6-7% should have double down yesterday!
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I wonder if this means they will sell there existing stock super cheap like Wal-Mart did. I got my AR10 from Wal-Mart when they stopped for a little under 500

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As a side note for all those wanting to stop those under 21 from getting long guns.

What about the many thousands of under 21 men and women who have our backs in military and LEO assignments? Do they want to take their guns away?
They do have REAL sales.
AND sometimes they have fake sales also. As a retailer next door to them in a Connecticut mall many years ago I saw first hand some fake sales. One I remember well, Dicks had huge ads in the paper selling turkey shotguns for an excellent price. At the opening bell I bought the only two they had. People came in and out on and off all day looking to buy the turkey guns on sale and they were simply told; It was such a great sale we sold out of all of them very quickly.

I always thought that was out and out lying in advertising. It was very common then for them to advertise products at great prices when they were near to out of stock of the items, coincidence or just poor coordination I don't know. When people would come to me and ask me to match Dicks prices, my answers always were "match them, I'll beat them...when I run out of the product like they are".

I agree with the original post; they don't deserve hunter support.
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Moonshine is living proof that AR's will never go away. Even if they are prohibited by law.
Support your local gun shop.
I'm not sure how I can boycott a store I've only been in once. The first was also the last for me. As for Walmart, I can't tell you the last time I bought anything except cheap Allen broadheads (for hogs) in their sporting goods department. I usually shop UPS or Fed-Ex o_O