Boneview SD card reader for Apple iPhone and iPad

Dads Son

I am selling these on Ebay for $26.99 (free shipping) or you can buy them directly from me for $24.99
You can use this SD card viewer in your Apple iPhone or iPad.
You can view, save, share and delete photos or videos from your trail camera SD cards.
Boneview eliminates the need to carry laptops or extra SD cards into the field.
Please let me know if you are interested in 1 or more.
Thank You
I have one and it does not work on my I phone 7. It did work on my I phone 5. I downloaded two apps to no avail. ny suggestions
I was about to call them when I figured I would try one more time to see if it worked. Don't you know it worked. Between me and my son we tried at least 10-15 times trying to get it to work using 3 different apps. it worked using Photfast hd.