Blizzard Ridge Team Hunting Competition

Blizzard Ridge

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Any of you serious whitetail guys that are interested in entering into a team hunting competition, we are working on our first annual team competition. I will be drawing captains out of a hat and those captains will then be picking the teams. For anyone interested PM me and I will get you some details. The prizes will be great. Prizes will be awarded to 1st place team and biggest buck of the year. There is also scoring for doe but each individual team member is limited to two doe. We have a great list of hunters now but I am wanting to try to get at least one more team entered. I would like to get to 5 teams of 5 guys if possible.

Let me know if interested. I am going to try to draw captains on 8/15 but may have to push it back a few days until we have an even number for teams. I want to have teams drawn before the Sept. hunting states start season.


Haha that probably wouldn't be the fairest team entry. No what we are doing is throwing everyone's name in a hat and drawing captains, the captains will then pick the teams. This year is the first year of it and I got a late start putting it together. All proceeds will go to the prizes for winner and big buck. Next year I hope to have enough people in it to be able to split the proceeds to help me pay for my wounded vet hunts we do every year.