Bird down in Indiana


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22 lbs, 10 inch beard, 1 inch spurs. Started calling Friday evening, immediately responded. Took about 45 minutes to commit. Moved in slowly. At about 35 yards, lost interest in decoys and started drifting off. Took the shot with my old school Remington 870, tom didn't know what hit him!

Had a buddy that proceeded to give him a sound beating as he expired. Nothing like kicking your buddy when he's down, haha. He didn't stop until I got out of blind and started walking over. Anyway, beautiful evening and great ending, first and last hunt of the season. Turkey cordon bleu back on the menu!

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Strange how those suckers do that. It makes me think they aren’t buddies, but just keeping an eye on the competition. You know, “ keep your friends close and your enemies closer”.

Regardless, a nice size bird. Congrats !
Good for you. My boy has been after them here and got within 60 yards last evening before they flew up to roost. He went out after them this morning with no luck.....