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I have been hunting this property for 8-9 years now. It has had a foodplot of some sort there 6-7 years. Below are the best deer I have seen so far to date. I have had a few in the past, but I haven’t seen them in a couple of years(shot?). I hope to see either one of these fellas. The first one is palmated and was in the camera just once. The other 2 have been hanging out in front of the camera in the evening/early morning hours. Either one will get a trip to the taxidermist.




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You have some worthy contenders there ! Hope they stick around and you get to put your hands on one of them. So far this summer, I’ve not seen anything I’d shoot, but the rut might change all that. Good luck !
Same to you. We have a velvet hunt this weekend, but I don’t believe I’ll make it. I have to work both days and hate having to leave the stand early to go work

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