Best place to order tree tubes?


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Where do you get your tree tubes? I have good experience with Tree Pro tubes - any other suggestions? They'll be going on Chinese chestnuts.
I have always purchased from
I have purchased Combitube Tubex, Photosynth, and the Tree Pro. All have their advantages. I think Combitubes will last the longest and provide the best protection when I spray. But for the value, the Tree Pro will be hard to beat.
I'd got with 5' for sure and 6' if you got extra money to spend.
Agree with yellow. Same place I order mine. I only have experience with the combitubes.
I started with the tree tubes that Alan at the Wildlife Group sells in Alabama. They are tough and I cut them in half or into quarters for direct seeding use.

I am pleased with them and for that reason have not shopped around. If it ain't broke ...

I am certain there are other good tubes in the marketplace.