Best Cellular Cam

Reconyx and Spartan probably among the best - and also most expensive. Best often equates to longevity in the cell cam industry. These cameras are probably $450 to $750. On the low end, the tactacam and spypoints are $100 and provide good, useable pictures - but the spypoints at least have not provided the best longevity.

What are you going to do with it - one camera on private land, a public land camera, multiple cameras? If I was putting it on public ground, I would opt for one of the low cost models. If I wanted a lot of cameras, I would probably go with the cuddelink system to have only one cell plan. Your usage plans, financial situation, and cell service will direct you towards your purchase.
The 100 dollar SPYPOINT a ate junk. The 350 dollar units work well.

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Two lease members bought 4 for the lease and had to send 2 of them back within the week. Luckily they read reviews and expected some potential troubles. Spypoint took care of them quickly and were super nice. Cameras have been out now coming up in 2 years and the only trouble now is dead batteries. You have to go to the camera to get hi-res photos off the card, it doesn’t send them over the cell service.

I bought 2 of the Moultrie XA-7000 and have had zero issues with them. Now, Moultrie on the other hand has had some issues with their servers and updating them a couple of times. I have no complaints. Here are a few day time pictures it sends me. These are reduced quality to save data and battery when sending. You can request hi-res photos that come with the next photo upload.




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I have not used one of the $100 tactacams - but so far, reports have been good. But, most users dont have much time with them. I have a spypoint going for 18 months now - one of the lucky ones - but would not buy another.
The tactacam are the best I've used. Have 4 now and they work well. Great picture quality day/night, simple app, cheap plans. I'm happy. Not sure why I'd by a different cam at this point, even if I didn't activate the cell portion, it's still a good cam for $99. Beats the spypoint and coverts. I like my cuddelink for areas with no cell coverage, but they are a PIA to keep going if you aren't around them. will double the warranty on anything you buy from them. I get the SpyPoint cameras and consider two years a decent amount of service time for the price. If they die, trailcampro handles it no questions asked.
SPYPOINTs come with a 2 year warranty. You mean trail cam is giving you four?

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Didn't know SpyPoint gave two years. So that's news to me. I looked on their website and confirmed you're right and I was wrong. I just assumed it was one year like every other camera I've seen.

This is the language off the trailcampro website. (I don't work for them if you're wondering) But no, I don't think it'll be four years.... Thanks for pointing that out to me. I do stand by my review of their customer service though. Top notch.

We double the manufacturer’s 1-year warranty to 2-full years and handle all warranties in-house on our trail cameras and game cameras.

Edit - The pictures the Spypoint takes aren't super, and I've had several fail. But, quick replacement was apprecaited.
That’s good to know. Cabelas wasn’t helpful at all when it came to warranty replacement. I drove across town to bass pro and they were great. I’ll try trail cam pro next.

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