Bent Extractor


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My buddy came down the other week to shoot some steel at my range. He brought all his toys which is pretty extensive since he is a Class 3 FFL. Anyway, at one point he busts out his Christensen arms CA10 out and I grab my LAR 308 to bang some steel at distance and my gun wont cycle. Then I remember the last time I shot it I was shooting some cheap steel case ammo and I had had a hard jam when the base of the case blew out funny enough away from the extractor. I had had to take it back to the house and beat the case out with a rod. So at that point my day was done.

Well I guess that episode bent the extractor. I was shooting brass XM 80 on that day.

Given that there is no standard with .308 AR's I'm guessing it would be best to order a new extractor from the original manufacturer just to know what I am getting is correct. Or am I wrong and basically an extractor is an extractor?
No experience with the 308 version, but the AR-15 I have mixed and matched a lot of parts. When anybody asks what brand my AR is I just say I don't know ( or "custom" if I am feeling fancy). I would stick to any of the mainstream manufacturers (and away from steel case rounds!).