Bass Pro and Cabelas Merger


As a patron of both brands, I see the value in selection, availability and pricing of big companies. But I find it hard to celebrate when the already big get bigger. And this combination effectively distances the new company from closest competitors like Scheels.

Other reactions?
Hopefully it doesn't effect the competition between the two brands. That what drives a lot of the sales it seems. In KC there is a Cabelas, and 2 BPS all fairly close together. It will be interesting to watch.
Hopefully they don't get rid of the Cabelas brand, they carry some great products Bass pro doesn't, or at least didn't
I shouldnt say this being from nebraska, I use to love going out to sydney cabelas but I couldnt care less that they are gonna be gone. Bass pro is so much better than cabelas for clothing and generally everything imo. With that said, I still only shop at Scheels lol I'm lucky if I go into bass pro once every year or two.
Bass Pro has been buying companies for a long time. They just keep getting bigger. BP now owns Triton, Stratos and Ranger boats as well.