basal sprayed brush/how long to remove?


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How long should I wait to remove the actual dead carcass after basal spraying some bush and small trees?

They were sprayed 3-4 weeks ago. The leaves wilted and died. Is it clear to remove the tree down to the stump now ?

Thanks :)
What did you spray? If the leaves all fell and the branches are dry and brittle I would think it would be safe to remove them.
Mostly Buckthorn. The leaves have mostly turned black, still flex in the branches and when cut at the base seems to still be green.
Think it's down in the roots good and never coming back if I cut it and remove ?
What chemical did you use? If it was Roundup I would wait a while until there was no flex in the branches, but then again I am lazy I want to be able to walk up to the plant kick it with a steel toe boot and have it fall out of the ground, but if you are in a hurry you can cut it and if new growth comes back in the spring then respray.
3:1 Diesel and Garlon 4 . I've never needed to remove the dead debris before. I know this coctail does the job, I just never really know how long it actually took to kill down to the roots.