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Looks like fireblight, ehh?

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The good news is that it likely won't die, and if it does live you will eventually get some good tasting pears in years without FB.

The bad news is that every year FB is a problem it will look like Hogan's Goat and all those snobby neighbors in that subdivision will turn their nose up at you.

If you plant another summer pear, make it an Ayers. All those neighbors will be happy then and you will too.
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Redneck in the 'burbs.......I hate it, but I also can't handle driving over 1 hr one way to work every day!

I planted that Bartlett knowing FB could be an issue....bit I ignored my worries. Dumb.

I actually top worked it to an Ayers, but I may just cut it off and graft lower.

I have a Gala that I hate too!
Had fb on one pear last year. Cut top section and I have one malformed tree this year. We'll see the time I trimmed it all off I just said F it......I cut it off at the ground. I'lI graft over a sprout next spring