backpack spraying for painting property lines?

IF you can put a small generator on ATV or small trailer, then you can use a Wagoner power painter. Thin according to sprayer directions.
I would not want to try this with a pump up sprayer but I bought one of the lithium powered 4 gallon backpack sprayers and they put out quite a bit of volume. It could possibly work.
Never used a sprayer as a paint marking device. I am a five gallon bucket guy with a grid rack you see used in construction and a 6 inch roller.

Get the lousiest pair of holy jeans and worthless tennis shoes. Go to walking and painting. Depending on the property boundaries, it will get done. Main thing is to get it mark extremely well so that five years down the road the trees still show the paint.

Parking lot blue with an oil base is what I used. Concentrate on eye level.

Toss clothes when finished.
Anybody do this? Can you just use a regular backpack spraying and water/dilute the paint down?
How long do you want it to last? Regular spray paint only lasts a year or so, even non diluted. It just doesn't hold up well with bark. I have boundary trees that are marked with a tree marking sprayer and tree marking paint from a forestry supply house that are still very visible after 15 years. About a $150 investment. You should also notch your boundary trees with 3 notches at least at the corners and then paint. This is pretty much a permanent marker system and visible until the tree falls over.
They make special paint for boundary marking that is designed to hold up. Make sure you scrape all loose bark off of the tree or the paint will fall off with the bark. Apply with a brush or small roller. They have come out with spray cans of boundary paint, but if you have a lot to do then the expense can add up.