Auction finds


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Anyone else ever have any luck with estate auctions? I always try to go to some around and see if there is anything worth while and stuff normally goes for cheap. Might have got my best find the other weekend, payed 50 dollars for a greenhouse supply seed starter! Always on the look out for stuff that we can use!

I once bought a 3 point carry all for $15. It was at an auction in a residential neighborhood. No one there looking for tractor equipment I guess. I missed out on all of the other tractor stuff as I got there too late. It went dirt cheap too.
I just picked up a John Deere Lime Drill in good condition at an auction for $175. These things are also called a fertilizer drop spreader, and years ago every farmer had one, but they aren't made anymore. Now when I want to spread bag lime or ag lime on a small field deep in the woods I don't need to spread by hand out of buckets. This is the food plot equipment deal of the year for me.WP_20180319_20_39_38_Pro (2).jpg
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