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I just bought my 1st bow and arrow and I’m in need of buying some more arrows other then the 6 the shop sold me when I purchased the bow. I’m using carbon express mutiny right now but not sure what the major difference in all the different types of arrows are. I see sites have them as target arrrows or hunting arrows, what’s the difference does it matter? Shouldn’t you practice with the arrows you hunt with? Any suggestions on which ones for whitetail?


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The Mutiny arrow has been discontinued by Carbon Express and replaced with the Adrenaline. Basically the same arrow with some slight improvements. I like the Adrenaline line for a cost effective arrow set-up. If I were looking for a new arrow to increase my accuracy and still stay in somewhat of a budget, I would look at the Mayhem DS. They are a "middle of the road" priced arrow that is better/more consistent than the Adrenaline but doesn't cost as much as the Maxima line. If you want to spend some money on Carbon Express' top end hunting arrow(s), you can look at the Maxima Blue RZ or the Maxima Red. To me, they are a target grade hunting arrow(best I can explain it) and accuracy tends to follow them. They are about as consistent as you can get without spending money on a target arrow and the spine was designed to aid in flight with a broadhead. I have both the Maxima Blue and Reds, but I hunt with the Reds as I like the slight extra weight. For me, there is a 10fps difference in speed across a chronograph between the 2 with the Reds being slower at 293fps. The KE is +/- 2lb.

Reds- 69.57ft/lb
Blues- 70.32ft/lb

That little extra weight makes me feel better on a windy day, even though I could find a heavier arrow, that would fly better if the wind really picked up. At the distances I prefer to shoot deer with my bow(30yds or less), the small amount that wind would blow my arrow off track, isn't enough for me to spend the money on a heavy arrow. I also tend to hunt more woods, than fields which helps on windy days. Now, if I were to go out west where I potentially had the chance to shoot an animal at a distance of 50-80 yards, I would invest in an arrow that is consistent and has weight to boot.

Target arrows will have the best consistency in weight and straightness of any arrow and they can be larger in diameter to "cut the X". Target arrows can cost double what a hunting arrow does because of construction, consistency(most are weight sorted to be identical), straightness, etc. In other words, target arrows are the best arrows a company puts out because the shooter wants the best. Most competition archers are shooting little X's on paper and it takes a "perfect" arrow to be perfect on the target. It's what wins them money and trophies and gets the sponsors recognized.

I use/know Carbon Express hunting arrows, but there are other brands that make a great arrow and you shouldn't be disappointed with any company you choose. Others in here will chime in and point you to other brands that they like and swear by. You will just need to make a choice on what you are looking for and what brand will accomplish that. As you mentioned, buy what you are going to hunt with and practice with them.


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Check out this website
I love their arrows. Tapered carbons. I'n not sure anyone else makes a tapered carbon shaft. A tapered shaft corrects quicker out of the bow, flies better, and penetrates great.
When you are on the Alaska site, be sure to check out the Ashby reports, and be prepared for a ton of insight. The guy knows his stuff about arrows, broad heads, and penetration.