Army Worms

I had them last year, they were on a crusade through the rye. ..put a hurting on most of an 8 ac plot.

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They will move on to their next meal (new field), but you may have a couple waves of them. Here in the south, I try not to plant food plots till October, for that reason.
My one experience with them was a few years ago. One weekend my 1/4 acre plot had great coverage with 4" high wheat and oats. The next weekend it was totally bare ground littered with the corpses of army worms. Here in S.E. Louisiana, if you plant before late September you run the risk of getting wiped out by them.
Every time I try to plant in early September I get them. They wiped out all but a 10 x 10 piece of an 1 acre radish field last year.