Are these King Snakes?

Jack Terpack

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Same here, looks like king snakes to me.
I caught a speckled king snake this morning. Wish I would taken some pics.
Both of these are very large. About 5 feet long and every bit as thick as my forearms. The pic was taken outside my workshop here at home. My son and I watched them mating for about an hour. Most of the time we could not see much of them as they were under a pile of old lumber and an old tarp. It was fascinating. We tried to get closer, but they spooked and slithered up under the pile. I have never seen a king snake before. I know we have a slew af black racers around the barn every year and there are copperheads all over the place. King snakes will sometimes eat other snakes so it's a pleasure to have them around.
Yes, a very good snake to have around. As a kid we had lots of hog nose snakes around. They would show up to eat toads-which is their primary food source. We made a pet of one and once a week he would show up on the front porch. My brother and I would go find a toad for him and he would gently take it from our hand. He loved being held and stroked. When they feel threatened they can fan out their neck like a cobra. Every spring for about 3 years he showed up and then just disappeared one year to never be seen again.