Apple tree question


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What's a good fast producing apple tree for a spring planting in zone 5a (southern Catskill mountains Ny) ?
Looking to get in around 10 trees
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Hey John - You looking to hunt over them (bow/gun/late season?) or eating (fresh/baking/cider/etc) or something different? Wanting a no-spray situation I would guess?
Enterprise, Gold Rush, Northwestern Greening, these are both late maturing (for hunting season) and later pollinating to minimize spring frost kills. Then you can never go wrong with Chestnut or Whitney crabapples for pollination, low maintenance, early season drop. The smaller the tree size you select, the quicker the production. Always good to have mix to insure at least a couple apple varieties have good production in any given year. Do not plant without caging them, 5'-6' diameter, 4'-5' high. In 8-10 years you may be able to remove the cages. Then also consider if bear damage might be possible?
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