Apple tree pruning


I did a bunch of pruning today but was not able to reach the tops of some of my apple trees. Most of my trees are on b118 so I was expecting them to get pretty big but now that they have I’m a little concerned about being too high on the ladder- this old age thing is creeping up on me!
So my question is can I top them (they are mostly central leaders except the few that got away) or should I just get a bigger ladder??? Trees are reaching 15-16 feet now. 11th leaf
I would've said the same thing pole pruner..if you really have a lot of trees to do possibly a stihl pole saw makes quick work
Pole clip / pruner all the way. That's what I do for a living (arborist). Power pruners leave relatively rough cuts, & are hard to get right outside the branch collar at that height since you're holding a good bit of weight awkwardly 10' above you. I'm a tree geek & like super nice, sleek, clean cuts. IMO Jameson makes the best poles & the Corona (go figure???) Professional 1.75" big pruner head is top notch for a pole clip. As far as hand saws, Silkys are unbeatable & for pole saw blades - Silky, ARS (I like the turbo cut), & Jameson make top notch blades :)