Anyone want some free magazines? Pay shipping.


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I have 14 issues of Quality Whitetails, and a bunch of N American Whitetail, Deer & Deer Hunting, PBS, and some odds and ends...Ernst catalog (excellent info!) Outdoor life, Field &Stream, Whitetail institute, Joe Coombs taxidermy, etc.
I gotta clear some stuff out and I can't bring myself to throw it away.
Can fit over 30 mags in a flat rate box for $20 shipping.
can I send it to you on paypal , id love some quality whitetails
Sorry man, the guys over at Saddlehunter grabbed those pretty fast.
I do have about 35 Deer & Deer Hunting and N American Whitetail left. Will fit in a medium flat rate priority box so $14.35 TYD if anyone wants those.