anyone use a bicycle to access stands?


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Didn't want to hijack the other scent/stand access thread, so started this one.

The entrance to my property is from the NE corner and my cabin is located in the same area. Deer generally travel S to N in the morning and N to S in the evenings. many of my best stands are on the south half of the property which are accessed by walking roads and firebreaks that the deer also often travel. Since my property is only a quarter section, it is easy to blow bucks off the place with too much scent/disturbance. I have been thinking that accessing the stands on a bicycle would leave less scent?? I have an atv but don't want the noise or exhaust smell.

Anyone tried it??
Common sense tells me that a bicycle would be a much more stealthy entrance than an ATV. My biggest concern would be having a wreck in the dark. I have used a bicycle at one of the places I turkey hunt, but I'm riding in the dark across a very clean and level field. But still, if you hit a big possum it might not be good........
My buddy did this for a while at my place. I think it would be a great way to minimize scent on the ground and get you in and out quickly with potentially even less noise. I have pretty defined access routes/paths so that helped, he would ride his bike as close as the patches would allow to his stand then spray the bike down with scent killer and cover with some camo burlap. Not sure if it really helped....but I don't think it hurt.
I used to ride a bike in on public land years ago. It's definitely a quick and quiet way to get to your stand but i will say if you'll be riding bumpy, wooded paths, it will not be the easiest thing to do with gear and heavier clothes on. A little bit of rain washout in your path might cause a total wipeout (speaking from experience) on a bike whereas an ATV would just cruise over it no problem. What sort of terrain do you have? I ask because you will need to plan your trip out and then dress accordingly. If part of your trip is bumpy and uphill, it will get your heart rate going and you will sweat quickly so you will need to dress light. On the other hand, if it's fairly flat or you have a lot of downhill you will get cold in a hurry if you don't wear enough clothes as that wind will cut through you. If you have a combination of the two you may have to stop at some point and take a layer off or add a layer. Just something to think about.
I've used a bicycle when I bow hunted the Hatchie River Refuge in Tn. They have access roads but restricted to authorized vehicles only. My concern was not scent but the fact that I could cover the 1.5, 2 mile trek into/out of the area I was hunting much easier. I could get into areas farther from the parking lot where other guys were not willing to walk. I think it's a great idea for leaving less scent also. Great idea!
What kind of bike are you guys using? I'm thinking about one to use when checking some pivots but its in some REALLY loose sand. I don't even think a normal mountain bike would make it.
What kind of bike are you guys using? I'm thinking about one to use when checking some pivots but its in some REALLY loose sand. I don't even think a normal mountain bike would make it.

You would need one of those "sand" or "beach" bikes with the fat tires. That would be a sight going down through the woods! LOL!!
Its just a thought that I had, beats walking in and out, but on the otherhand, I haven't rode a bike since I was about 12 lol
While I have never done it, lots of people on YouTube have. One guy touts the benefits of an electric, fat tired bike that will also pull a small trailer. These guys actually ride their deer back to their vehicle.
The quicker you move through an area, the less scent you leave, so I can see it working for you if you have smooth sailing. That's why I use a golf cart. Game that doesn't smell me, certainly can't hear me, and probably won't see me. I've driven up on many deer and hogs, and even a coyote or two. A month or so ago, I got to a stand a little late, just barely daylight, and there were hogs in my wheat. One or two saw me, but I wheeled up into the brushy spot behind my stand and managed to get in it without them spooking. However, they all spooked in a couple minutes......except one !:)
Get an electric golf cart. I loved mine for access through my place. Back in the day I tried the bike thing on public land but there's other challenges that go along with that. Golf cart is much much simpler.
Had an electric golf cart, not interested in going there again.

Can't see a glof cart being simpler......

I can put a bicycle in the back of a couple of different vehicles we own to get it to the property, a golf cart requires a trailer.

Golf carts are expensive, I can buy a used mountain bike for less than $100 and can leave it at the cabin without risking too much.

I can easily hide a bike by laying it in knee high grass when I get to the stand, can't do that with a golf cart.

The golf cart I had wasn't especially loud in operation, but it was much louder than a bicycle.

A bicycle takes up little room in the off too much junk in the garage to store a golf cart.

I could go on, but the point is made.
If you look at the title of the thread, I specifically asked about using a bicycle to access stands.......if I wanted opinions on golf carts, I would have asked about them......not sure why that is so difficult to understand??
I aborted my 2.5 miles trip to my spot half way down the drive opening morning afraid of the dark.

I nave not used mine but I plan to. Have purchased a trailer rated at 70 lbs to haul in gear and clothes.

Have the Nashbar model (second trailer on the page). Have not used it yet but it looks plenty sturdy for use on good woods "roads". It is only 33 inches long but I might be able to strap a strong gun case onto. Will try out as soon as the weather breaks. Was thinking that strategically parking bike maybe could act as a guide to steer some deer towards rather than away from me.