Any Woody's / GON members here?


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I found this place a couple months ago thanks to Triple C's link. I have to say, I'm started to spend more time here than on Woody's.

Seems to be less drama, more genuine help and overall a friendlier site.

Ive been a member on Woodys for almost 12 years, back then, when it was smaller, it was a lot like this place. Now it's full of grown men arguing about everything. Politics, religion, sports, you name it. About as much drama and sarcasm as a high school cheerleading forum (I'm assuming)

I like how this place is more geared towards the outdoors and leaves much of that stuff out. Hope it stays that way for a while.
I have been a member over there since Woody started it in 2001. I was a moderator for lots of years. Lots of visible whining and internal politics in a large community like that. Maybe this site will be able to stay friendly.
That is why we don't talk politics or religion here. Now sports---that is free game but with the way the Big 12 sucks this year I'm just keeping my mouth shut! Nothing more entertaining then watching the different SEC guys go at it.
Possum...I'm with you on the Deer Hunting section of Woody's / GON forum. A whole lot of drama. Some really good guys in the trad bow section and food plot section and hunting reports by region section. Really enjoying this site for the knowledge and input from all parts of the whitetail range. Even though I've met only a few folks on here, I feel like I know so many as friends from the old forum. Now that Geo has moved to Colorado, even have a regular updating on his quest for elk.