Any other states allow elk to be taken on a deer tag?


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Here in Oklahoma if you are hunting on private land and an elk happens by you can shoot it on your deer tag. A buddy of mine killed this young bull today on his buck rifle tag...we have a fair amount of elk in the area with at least 2 very large land owners that have their own herds and we have 3 WMA’s with elk in the area 2 of them in Cherokee county and the other 1 county north. If the elk wanders off of these lands it is fair game. Do any of the rest of you have this type of opportunity?


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We use to be able to shoot them on a deer tag in my county. Now you have to buy an out of elk zone permit or something like that.

KY has a fairly extensive elk restoration program in a 16 county zone (claims of numbers around 10,000). You aren’t allowed to shoot them in buffer counties, which are counties that border the restoration zone. However, you can shoot them in counties that border buffer counties.

The first year they allowed it most of the elk were killed because they had no clue they were about to be shot at.

We had some elk tracks on the farm then and a cow from the original release spent about 90% of her time right across the mountain from the farm. She died of old age a few years ago. can now shoot them in any county outside the restoration zone. Looks like they did away with that in 2004.
Virginia also allows this the last time I heard, but the elk population is not widespread
We have some impressive elk but they are protected from hunting. Perhaps my grandpups will have that chance one day.

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Arkansas allows elk to be harvested by anyone with a deer tag - if they are outside of the elk zone