Antler characteristics

So I know bucks with a sticker coming off his tines will usually carry that year to year but this is what looks like a younger buck in the first 2 pictures that made a couple of appearances for the first time last November. He appears to have the beginning of a second set of main beams. Will this continue this year? And how old would you think he is? I’m thinking 3 1/2
The 3rd picture is of an old buck I had a couple of pictures a few years ago but never seen again. I’m assuming he didn’t make the winter. I’m thinking the younger buck is most likely one of his offspring. Would have loved to have got a crack at the old boy!IMG_1700.JPG

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Those are really neat deer! The bottom one is way cool!

I can't tell you if the younger one WILL continue that growth, but I would guess he will. I would also guess that those will get broken off a couple of times until he starts adding mass to his mains. So... I wouldn't be too worried if I didn't see him around for a while, could just be in disguise.
I won't speculate much from your pics about age etc but I've seen lots of bucks with a second main beam. It rarely repeats and is usually caused by pedicle or velvet injury.The stickers however may repeat as well as add more ,switch sides year to year , and of course get bigger. Not unusual to see the kickers in the same place year to year as well which can be cool as a buck gets bigger.