Another Old Buck


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I think I’m gonna just shoot another doe and forget about trying to tag a buck. Our oldest shot a good one last night! There are 3 gals and me in our home. So far this year it has been all about the ladies; I don’t think I have anymore bucks to chase! :D
catscratch is going to post up the pic tomorrow. It’s a buck Dawna (wife) and I passed last year, thinking he needed one more year at least. I’m glad we did, because he looked great this year and our oldest shot him at 20 yards. After deer not being as interested in our plots the last two years, everyone’s advice here, to add wheat to the mix brought in deer after deer yesterday afternoon, even with the neighbor’s bean stubble field beckoning. I bow shot a doe 2 hours before Addison got her buck. The hay bale blind was a happy place!!