Alyce clover question????

It's a legume like true clover. I used cleth on mine last problem. Have used 24Db on clover before and it didn't really do anything to the weeds. Have used 24D on clover and had better results with minimal damage to the clover.
Some use 2-4D on clover but the 2-4D is not supposed to be used for clover. I personally would stick with Butyrac 200 , which is DB and Cleth is fine. If you planted the clover last year, it’s important to get the broadleafs before they get too big. You got to get the weeds when the are small. I like to mow the plot, wait 5 days then spray. Everyone prob has their own way. Most importantly tho, like I said, get on the weeds when they are small and you will see better results. More than one way to do things. You also don’t need a weed free plot for it to be effective.