All yotes must die


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A friend on my hill hit this 7pt late afternoon but was unsure of his shot. So he did the "when in doubt back out".
The next morning we set out and when I saw and heard the crows and ravens I told him I had a bad feeling. When we saw the immature eagle fly off out of a tree I knew it was going to be bad.

The yotes found his buck and gorged themselves. Just wondering if he was still alive when they did as I never saw a dead deer with an eye looking like this. Cannot help but think that the eye has that look of "crap I am being eaten alive and there is nothing I can do about it."


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On the up side I was able to take this decent 8 today. The drag was no fun as it was a 250 yard one all up a hill with guts in as I could not get a quad anywhere near it.

I like to save the guts for yote bait, but just about an hour ago last years cub ran in and grabbed them out of the bucket and took off. :mad:
Saw him do it on the surveillance cam. This little guy has been a PITA for the last two months, but not as bad as the one from a couple of years ago.

Not sure he is still alive but I am hoping to at least see this big 8 as rifle opens on Sat. No one has seen him on cam since last Sun.


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Nice Buck you got and Good Luck with the other Big en.

Yotes are a Pain in the AZZ. I had a conversation with one Nephew that simply did not believe that Yotes hunt in packs and that they take down deer. He had been brought up in the hunting woods and where he was fed this idea I have no idea. His Dad joined the conversation telling him I was right, but he still wouldn't hear it.
Here in Oklahoma you would have just found bones and a little hide...our buzzards would have done that much damage alone in a couple hours.
Congrats on your deer. I had a recover like that once as well and man does it suck......almost give myself a heart attack/stroke! AND yes....I shoot EVERY yote I have a remote chance at. I have ruined deer hunts to kill them, I have gotten up from the dinner table to kill them. I am not saying we should kill them all, but I certainly try to keep their numbers in check around my place. I have never lost a deer to one...yet. I once looked for a buck for a week and still found it intact as well....which was very surprising to me. Still doesn't change my position on yotes....
56843666-CD21-4F93-B83C-DA397076E5F8.jpeg My JRT found this one year before last for a lady that shot him right at dark. We found him the next morning at about 10:00. Total loss except for antlers, which weren’t much.
I shot this one a few years back just before dark and lost the blood. Deer traveled about 300 yards but I found it the next morning when I heard a single crow keep calling down in a nasty cedar thicket.

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They are more of an issue than MOST Game and Fish Depts want to admit.

Down here the FWC did a FB Post telling the Public how good they are for the Environment, why they even eat Roaches! They got Slaughtered by the Hunters and Families that have had experiences with them or lost Family Pets to them. As normal when their posts don't get the response they are looking for they fade away and never answer to any posted questions.

But post something that everyone likes or agrees with they will answer posts all day long.

The last year I hunted and stayed at my mom's house, my SIL and I were out on the front porch having a smoke (both of us have quit since!) and they fired up on the hill across the road. Made me feel a little weird as I'd never heard them as a kid growing up.

Last year at our Hunt Property they were losey thick. It was Spooky to be laying in a Tent and hear them sounding off in packs all around you. Made you pull the Glock a little bit closer. Haven't heard them like that this year, so far.
A lot of guys I hunt with in Pa are starting to get into coyote hunting. I myself love to hunt them. They destroy a lot of young wildlife. Need more people out hunting them.
I'm doing my part! That's yesterday's catch. Caught 6 in last 3 days.

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Keep it up Swat ! My son and I will start trapping here at home as soon as deer season is over. We’ve neglected that the last couple of years but no longer.