Age this guy

4.5 Shooter or not?

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Blizzard Ridge

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I don't usually post pictures until a buck is dead but here goes. I have a feeling I know the age but was going to see an average from you guys. Shooter or not?08012017 (52).JPG 08062016 (10).JPG
I believe he is 4.5 years old this fall. If I could see a broadside photo I would be looking at his brisket. The character in his rack leads me to 4.5 as opposed to 3.5.

You are from Illinois. Good soil might help rack - but I say 4.5

He also appears to have some sway in his back.

Shooter for me - without hesitation.
I'd guess 3 based on the second pic. His head makes him look a little younger and not too old. Hard to tell much else from the angle.
I agree 3 1/2. I would plan to lay off of him, but wouldn't trust myself if he walked past my stand. There is a lot of character there, though so I think I would take a chance to see what he can become.
We hung a stand in where he lives a couple days ago so hopefully I will get to see him a couple times this year on the hoof. I am hunting a considerably bigger buck on this farm but thought this one was nice little up and comer. There is also a big old 8 on this farm that would go into the 150s that I hope someone gets a crack at this year.
He may surprise you and be a year or 2 older. Unless the side shot is deceiving, he has a long body. I tend to underestimate the age on long bodied deer.

That said, he looks 3.5 all day to me, but I've had other bucks with long bodies that I've underestimated more than once before.