Age him game.


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I have a few in the archives. So I thought I would share for those who like to guess. All are Indiana bucks. Our rut peak is in mid November. Some of these I know the age of and some I do not. I'll start with a buck had a long history with.

Three weeks before your rut, tarsal staining, buffalo hump, neck almost goes seamlessly into his chest, and his legs appear short. But, he doesnt have a bell or a sway back. I will guess 5 1/2. Especially if you are located on the western edge of the state. I hunted the Logansport area of central Indiana for a few seasons and never saw a buck like that!

BTW, I learned all those cliches from the Age This! column of Quality Whitetails. If I end up quitting QDMA, I will miss that section. There are plenty of age guessing games on the forums, but I liked to use the detailed explanations in QW as a monthly refresher.

Also, not that it really matters, but there is an aging subcategory on this forum under the Trail Camera major heading.
I can't get anymore of his pictures to go into photobucket for some reason. I will say that this buck is dead; a neighbor killed him. I do believe that he was 4.5. We called this buck the palmated buck. He was very camera shy up until 2013. He had a rack that changed a lot every year, but the left side was always palmated to a degree. Grandpa and I both saw him in 2011 as a 2.5 year old from the stand. He knew seemed to be pretty smart deer even then. He had a big body, yellowish coat, and a weird heavy 8 point rack that stuck straight up. My grandpa named him Big Yeller. He disappeared until late 2012; when we got a single photo of him.(by the cherry tree stand if you have seen some of my other posts). I did not recognize him. That winter we decided to feed corn and cattle mineral and set up a camera. The palmated buck showed up and quickly decided it was his corn pile. The daylight pictures showed us a light yellow coat. I must have gotten 500 pictures of him over that corn pile. This did 2 important things for us: he become accustomed to the camera and put on a lot of weight. I decided I would try to use the cameras to really pinpoint this buck that fall. He disappeared until September when I caught him and his little buddy on camera sneaking into the apple orchard one night. Once he came back it was almost like he liked getting on camera. The morning after this picture was taken he came out of the standing corn, freshened up a scrape, gave me my first snort wease, and ran off a small buck. He gave me a great quartering away shot at 30 yards; I thought I had him. A month later the neighbor shoots him with a gun. He tells me that he has no idea how the buck was alive; but my shot was a little high. Sorry for the long post.
Do you have any more photos? I hate guessing based on one pic but if I did, I would say 3.
I do have more plus a jawbone, but for some reason photobucket will not load my pictures with an old time stamp. I like using this buck because I get a lot of different answers.