Adding ammonium sulfate to Gly for spray application

I fill mine half way then put the AMS in, close the lid, and go for a swerving joy ride up and down the nearest gravel road with my ball cap on backwards and a big stupid grin on my face. The water sloshes around and mixes the AMS. I get my jollies.

Then I add my chemicals and top off with water.
So this is being used along with a crop oil or alone with gly? I’ve never mixed anything besides gly and water.

And is this the correct stuff. E9ABFB17-2A60-45E9-A495-A8C83B853D6F.png
You need to get the right kind. I've used AMS to fertilize before when I wanted to add some sulfur at the same time. The kind we're talking about is the spray grade (I think that's what my bag calls it) AMS that's ether granular or liquid. I get the granular type. It's pure white like salt and dissolves quickly in water.
Powder performs better but I use liquid AMS from Rural King. While it does add sulphur to your soil in a sulfate form it can give some benefit. It’s nitrogen addition helps uptake of the plant of a herbicide like Gly. It’s real purpose tho is to allow certain herbicides like Gly to mix better w water that is hard which usually has high levels of CA and /or Mg.
In reality I’ve used and not used w little seen diff in kill. But I do use most time as w coal fired plants emitting very little sulphur in the last 20 years, rainfall is not adding sulphur to the soil.
As for crop oil... add it but ck that you’re generic Gly doesn’t already have a surfactant. If it does don’t add oil.

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