Add Hand Pump to Well


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With all the talk about "attack the power grid" I was wondering if I could add a hand pump to my well. I think it is about 200 feet deep and good water. A 220 submerged pump and 1 inch pipe are in about a 4 inch pvc casing.

Would adding a hand pump be possible? New water line for the hand pump?

Any thoughts on this?
My neighbor put one in but his well is much shallower than yours at right around 100 ft. He also had a 6 inch steel casing. So I’m not sure what you would need or even if they make them for that deep. Some are not freeze proof either if that’s a consideration. Seems like a long way to pump up water and might be difficult. Personally I’ve thought about just making a pulley system with a weighted container with a hand crank wind up for a rope. Like you see in the old westerns. A lot of Amish around here are using solar power on a pump for their well. That’s kind of off the grid/ survival option.
Sometimes you can see with a good flashlight where the water is and make a guess, or just use a rope With a weight. my well is 116 ft deep and the water comes up about 75 ft give or take. So I know exactly how many gallons I have in the casing to use before the well needs to recover. If your well is indeed 200 ft you may have water at 100