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Since this is a new site for many of us I thought I would kick this off. I know many of us came from the QDMA forum, but I am not sure what our experience and exposure levels are, and if we do anything it's talk in what can seems like code once in a while - especially if your not familiar.. I'm sure I missed a few but goes:

AMS - Ammonium Sulfate
AWP - Austrian Winter Pea
BFO - Buck Forage Oat
BOB - Buck On Bag
BW - Buckwheat
CIR - Cave In Rock
CO - Conservation Officer
CREP - Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program
CRP - Conservation Reserve Program
CWD - Chronic Wasting Disease
DBH - Diameter at Breast Height
DCO - Dwarf Chinkapin Oak
DER - Dwarf Essex Rape
DNR - Department of Natural Resources
EHD - Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease
EQIP - Environmental Quality Incentive Program
EW - Egyptian Wheat
FEL - Front End Loader
GFR - Ground-hog Forage Radish
Gly - Glyphosate
GPM - Gallon Per Minute
ICP - Iron Clay Pea
K - Potassium
N - Nitrogen
NRCS - Natural Resources Conservation Service
NWSG - Native Warm Season Grass
OM - Organic Matter
P - Phosphorus
PTO - Power Take Off
PTT - Purple Top Turnip
QDM - Quality Deer Management
ROD - Red Oiser Dogwood
ROW - Right Of Way
RPM - Revolutions Per Minute
RR - Round-up Ready
RU - Round Up
TSI - Timber Stand Improvement
VNS - Variety Not Stated
WI - Whitetail Institute
WR - Winter Rye
WSG - Warm Season Grass
WW - Winter Wheat
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Sooner or later even the food plotter will more than likely need to know these:
LL- Liberty Link. Describes the trait that makes a crop tolerant to glufosinate herbicides.
RR2X- Roundup Ready 2 Xtend. Describes the trait that makes a crop tolerant to both glyphosate and dicamba herbicides. The soybeans with this trait are starting to become referred to as simply Xtend beans by most.