Acceptance into 2017 CRP program

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Did anyone enroll any acreage into CRP this time around? We re enrolled about 10 acres earlier this year and then enrolled another 10 acres into the continuous sign up. We didn't make the cut on the general sign up. (Not enough points and shortage of available acres). USDA was really pushing for optimum cover types like the pollinator mixes. Our solid stand of tall grasses didn't rank very high, so we enrolled in the continuous sign-up. Only downfall, we lost a couple dollars per acre, and also couldn't add any food plots.

The CRP program is a great way to convert those production fields into additional cover for wildlife and still make those acres productive as far as income and great wildlife habitat.
I will be re-enrolling later this year. My CRP programs limit me to only the first 120' from the edge of the field - at least to get the compensation I do. I would do more if I could, but renting my ag fields adds 10~15K to the household income and thats hard to walk away from! I will agree about CRP need to watch what your signing up for and make sure your getting what YOU want. I have a post in my "land tour" thread about my use of it.
I got the guy I was buying an 80 from to put 18 acres of bobwhite quail cp33 which is the 120ft strip.I did get a compliment from the guy that runs the COOP here the other day.He said all the other strips around look like a bunch of weeds except mine and the one that I just bought.I told him I had planted that one several years ago also.Swat you need my truax nut planter
I have about 71 acres enrolled in the CRP program. I believe it started in 2010 and will be completed by 2020. The deer and turkey seem to really benefit from the CRP acres. If it's available in your area I would highly recommend it. Contact your county FSA office to see if your place would be eligible for the program. Plus it's a great time to put in all those native warm season grasses that will improve the wildlife usage of your land.
I have some acreage in the CRP program here at Dodge City. Biggest problem I am having is those darn invasive bob white quail breeding and raising and breeding and raising and breeding and raising all those little ones and scaring off the deer.
It's been a great year for quail this year in Oklahoma. I had biologist out to the farm a couple of months back. He recommended that I brush hog or mow some different areas around the place to help improve the quail usage. He claimed the tall grass is great but the quail really need a place with short grass for them to move around and provide better access to the feed. M.R sounds like your flat covered up with quail.
It is horrible, just horrible. Can't go anywhere without seeing the quail. Can't get my after lunch nap because of all the calling. And they are so small, well, I would have to shoot hundreds of them to equal the meat in one nice whitetail. What's a guy to do? :)
M.R. - I've got your problem solved...I'm in Tulsa and I'll come up there with my dog and gun get them rascals cleared out for ya!

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Well I did it - I re-enrolled my CRP acres - got a nice $90 per acre bump as well! On my place cover is the limiting factor and every little bit helps. I would love to expand more but the financial implications are such right now that it just isn't in the cards. if you live in a heavy ag area and you realize you need more cover for wildlife I strongly suggest contacting your local FSA/NRCS office and looking into the various CRP programs available.
$90.00 per acre is a nice bump. We have some ag on our farm but poor farming practices and deer damage make the CRP acres just as productive as the production acres.
$90.00 per acre is a nice bump. We have some ag on our farm but poor farming practices and deer damage make the CRP acres just as productive as the production acres.

I have mostly ag (like an 80/20 split) so I need all the cover I can get and my soil is fairly decent stuff (nobody in Iowa is going to trade me but it does ok). When I enrolled originally the CRP price was on par with what I was getting in ag rental. However the renting farmer (who is family) agreed to increase his rate as he was now farming just the better ground so overall the additional of the CRP actual increase my rental acres rate as well. I would love to do more, but I am limited to the first 120' from the edge so I pick and choose those edges that make sense. My biggest issue is that I can;t have trees or "woody" growth. So I am limited to NWSG and native weeds - but it's better than nothing. I can't afford to just retire the ag fields.