About got one yesterday


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There was a ton of deer movement yesterday before the weather change overnight. Rifle season starts Saturday but my season was almost over before it began!

I hauled a load of corn first thing in the morning, saw a decent buck standing almost on the blacktop, got within 100ft of him before he dove off into the shelterbelt. So I dumped the load and headed back home, so I was going right along bout 65mph and about 1/2 mile east of where I saw the first buck a HUGE 4x4 (Ive got a 150" 4x4 on the wall and he was all of that big) came running out of a different shelterbelt that runs perpendicularup to the road. Thank god I was empty or we would've met, I slammed on the brakes and swerved a bit and at one point all I could see out the passenger side of the semi was his head and rack as he ran alongside, so I got a REAL good look at it! Lol Too bad he lives about 25 miles from where I hunt!

I saw at least 4 different bucks for sure plus a ton of does all day yesterday making the same trip to the elevator.