A Series of Time Lapse Pictures


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This series of pictures shows the progress of one of my small plots (0.4 acre) that was planted on 9/23 in dry dry ground. Dates at bottom of each picture.














Those groundhogs are really taking off. I think they are my number one pick for brassica, as far as deer preference. It looks like the grain was peeking through before the rain? You must've had some heavy dew. Small grain never ceases to amaze in how easy of a planting it is to start. I see your atv seeder, what was your actual planting method?
"I see your atv seeder, what was your actual planting method?"

Yep. Threw the seed into dead standing thatch then rolled it down. That first picture was after I finished rolling.
Thats fantastic. Would be worth the price of a crimper roller in my opinion.
Knowing how you seeded the plot, with wheat on one side and oats on the other, can YOU see a difference in germination, growth or utilization?

I notice that there are deer in each half of the field.
The oats germinated faster and are presently taller and thicker than the wheat, though the wheat seems to be catching up in the last week. I see good evidence of grazing in both. It will be interesting to see how they compare in another few weeks (I have an exclusion cage on each half). Very little grazing on the radish and chicory so far - just a few nips here and there. The soybeans made it to about three inches tall then disappeared (I'm glad those were free seed). The clover is just starting to show up.

I have a contact who works in a lab that tests soybean samples from barges and trains before the beans are shipped overseas. The samples are collected in five pound bags and are discarded after testing. He's been saving those bags of beans for me and has about 25 ready for me to pick up. I'm thinking about broadcasting them into the plot now to see if they are able to germinate in the stuff already growing.

Here's a picture of the plot taken on Nov 4th. This view is from the top of a 20-foot high bluff bordering the front of the field. The stand is about 25 yards back from the edge of that bluff. Behind the plot is an 80 acre section that was clear-cut last Spring and replanted in pines. The native vegetation there is already chest high.

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See the first picture in this thread. The wheat was planted on the right side of the plot and the oats on the left. Plus, at present, the leaf blades of the oats are noticeably wider than those of the wheat.
This is very interesting ...I think one advantage for your success is possibly fairly sandy soil (as compared to say clay soils) which I would think it would lend it's looseness to better embrace the seed via the roller ....I might try some strips like this along side my normal prep process in my medium clay just to compare them side by side

looks real good. How did you prep it before planting?
Sprayed with Gly in July, and again in September two weeks before throwing seed and rolling.

This plot hasn't seen a disc or tiller in the last three years. This morning I watched a big ol` doe and yearling scarfing up radish greens for almost an hour. It was funny to see them lift their heads with greens sticking six inches out of either side of their mouth, then start chomping away.
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