A few visitors


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Came back from baiting bears and had a few visitors in the garage, only gone 10 minutesIMG_1205.JPG
A few minutes later we watched these walk around the yard for about 5 minutesIMG_1209.JPG
Made up 55 gallons of popcorn the other day for bait and smoked two pork loins today. The smells probably brought them in.

Saw this sow last summer too. She doesnt use her front leg at all. Foot looks normal but it is curled up. Got a good look, at one point they were at the edge of the retaining wall.
I think bears are cool, but that's probably because I don't have them...yet.
Do you have any problems with them at your home ?
Bears are way cool. Little bears even cooler. Glad i have to drive to see them.
Have never had problems with them. Had them on the porch when building the house, muddy footprints on window. We make sure to put the bird feeders away when it warms up in the spring, no garbage outside. Usually see a few each year passing through the yard or near the house. Most of the time its in the spring when last years cubs got kicked away from mom and are looking for an area where they are safe.

Last year while bear hunting in Ontario I saw 17 bears in three days and it was a ton of fun to watch them interact with each other. Never realized they made so many different sounds.